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Why is mindfulness so topical now?

We are navigating through the time of unprecedented change and uncertainty. As the virus proliferates across the globe we do our best to adjust to a drastically different life style. Many of us work from home in what feels like solitary confinement. Others see their jobs swallowed by economic recession.

We are deprived of life’s simple joys, such as as hugging a friend, travelling or going to a concert. Days become longer and start looking alike as they are void of new fresh experiences that would have otherwise kept our minds engaged and positive. We find ourselves doing things on the ‘autopilot’, which makes them seem repetitive at best, at worst causing aversion.

Like never before in our lifetime, we need to adapt to these changes, to stay calm, focused and resilient, to accept what we cannot control and to appreciate the little pleasure that we would have normally taken for granted, such the bird’s song at dawn or the vastness of the sky dotted by stars downing on us even in the middle of a megapolis.

This is precisely what mindfulness teaches us.


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