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What is mindfulness?

Being mindful is being aware, fully present and alert in each moment of life. This is what we cultivate by practicing meditation and also by introducing mindfulness into our daily routines, such as watering the plants or walking in the street.

Being mindful makes us happier and psychologically healthier. This is what modern researchers from the world’s best scientific centers and ancient spiritual traditions agree upon.

Mindfulness makes it easier to cope with anxiety, stress and depression. It teaches us to be more sensitive in relationships, develops emotional intelligence, helps cultivate more empathy and compassion, and allows us to better understand and accept ourselves and others.

Mindfulness improves our physical health. It boosts immunity so the body is more resistant to viruses, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, helps to normalise blood pressure and slows down the aging of brain cells.

Mindfulness brings about positive changes in work and studies, as it boosts memory, helps build the ability to concentrate and focus on what is really needed, helps to make more balanced and adequate decisions, and improves cognitive capacity.

However there is one major condition attached to mindfulness. It only works if and when we integrate mindfulness into our daily life. With Akasha mindfulness you can do it individually or in a group.


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