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akasha dance

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Breathe in the lightness of being, dance your life

Akasha dance brings the sense of liberation as it releases the inner wisdom of the body and sets free our natural propensity to move to rhythm. It grows out of the ancient Indian meditation practices that are nowadays widely used in modern mindfulness, to calm the mind, boost health and cope with stress.  Akasha is translated from Sanskrit as 'ether', the universal Soul, pure energy, from which all that exists is born. 


To enjoy Akasha you do not need to know how to dance. Even better if you let go of any habitual movement patterns and explore the natural flow of dance. Then you’ll be able to embody it at the cellular level, to blend into the beat and resonate with the vibrations of the music. You can dance on the floor or sitting on the chair. It makes no difference as long as it enables you to live to the full this unique moment of your life. 


Each Akasha dance class starts with a 20 minutes’ meditation session, with the focus on breath, to calm down the busy mind, to let go of thoughts and worries, and to connect with the body. 

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