• Elena Prokhorova

Keeping tidy the space of awareness

We tend to take things personally when we are confronted with someone’s hostile behaviour. Theoretically, the best thing to do in such situations is to step aside, to recognise that most probably “it’s not about me”, and to remind ourselves that we don’t have to get sucked into other peoples’ mental dramas.

From my own experience, sometimes this tactic works, sometimes not. I cannot choose not to be emotionally triggered. My success or failure hinges on how calm my mind and nervous system are at the time, on how spacious and tidy my awareness is.

Growing this space of awareness and keeping it tidy is what we can do through regular meditation routines. This work, however difficult it may feel at times, prepares us for challenging situations in the real world. Even when Life itself becomes adversarial, this space can be trusted as a safe environment where we can experience authentic feelings, investigate their nature, and witness their impermanence as they come and go.


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