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Interactive online 8-week MBSR course (August-Sept 2021)

To learn mindfulness skills, join my forthcoming 8-week Mindfulness-based stress reduction course (known as MBSR, see more information below) in Zoom that starts on 10 August 2021 at 19:00 CET. This program offers a ‘Certificate of Completion’, which is a prerequisite for MBSR teacher training.

“Humans are the only animals that can be physically safe, warm, dry, well-fed, healthy and well taken care of – and still be utterly miserable”.

Steven C. Hayes

Indeed we are masters of inflicting unnecessary sufferings on ourselves by living mindlessly, ‘on the autopilot’. We forgot how it was to be a child - exploring the world with eyes wide open, marvelling at its wonders. We forgot how it feels dancing in the rain or running barefoot, the morning’s dew cool on our feet. Actually when did we stop dancing? I mean when did you last let go of the fear of being judged, and simply follow the body’s natural urge to move to rhythm?

Even before the COVID-19 drama many of us had been living under constant stress, struggling from holiday to holiday. Now it’s even worse. The global pandemic has not only locked us all down, but also created an unprecedented uncertainty. We don’t control much of what is happening to us. This loss of the sense of direction, for some coupled with the loss of jobs and loved ones, may become unbearable.

And it’s for a good reason that many people now turn to mindfulness, especially mindfulness meditation. In her recent televised address to the nation Queen Elizabeth recommended meditation, as did the Chinese government in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

I am a graduate of the mindfulness teacher-training programme at Brussels Mindfulness.  My aim is to create an environment where students can learn and practice skills that will help them cope with stress better, and overall live a happier life... even in these surreal difficult times. 

There will be a free orientation session in Zoom on Tuesday 3 August at 19.00 CET where I will introduce the course and answer the questions.  

If you interested send me an email to

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Takeaway from the MBSR course:

Participants often say after the course that it is an eye-opening transformative experience. Feeling more alive, more connected with themselves and others is how they describe the changes. It also helps improve chronic and acute conditions related to stress - high blood pressure, migraines, heart problems, depressions, chronic pain etc.

Here is a 7-minute video explaining the MBSR from Palouse Mindfulness:

Course structure and resources:

There will be 8 interactive sessions in Zoom, one per week. 

Each lasts 2,5 hours, so it’s quite a commitment for everyone. There are plenty of meditations and exercises, including mindful moment (simple Yoga sequences).

You will get audio recordings of the meditations, course syllabus, plenty of other materials and the opportunity to have a one-on-one tutorial if you miss a class.

Cost: €200

Send me an email if you have difficulties paying the tuition fee.

I may be able to offer you a full or partial scholarship, depending on your need.

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