Learning to cope with life’s challenges



Fall 2021

This live online 8-week mindfulness course is special. While largely based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program developed by John Kabat-Zinn, it also brings in creative movement. Apart from sitting and walking meditation, as well as mindful Yoga, you will be practicing guided dance improvisation. ​

Why  Mindfulness course? 

Humans are the only animals that can be physically safe, warm, dry, well-fed, healthy and well taken care of – and still be utterly miserable”. (Steven C. Hayes)

Indeed we are masters of inflicting unnecessary sufferings on ourselves by living mindlessly, ‘on the autopilot’. We forgot how it was to be a child - exploring the world with eyes wide open, marvelling at its wonders. We forgot how it feels dancing in the rain or running barefoot, the morning’s dew cool on our feet. Actually when did we stop dancing? I mean when did you last let go of the fear of being judged, and simply follow the body’s natural urge to move to rhythm? 

It is an expressive form of meditation rooted in ancient spiritual movement practices. It also draws on the modern understanding of the link between emotional and somatic experiences. In this dance meditation, we observe the constant  flow of change, both in the body and in the mind; the link between music and movement, movement and inner state; we learn to recognize automatic reactions to external events and to our own thoughts; we explore the feeling of connectedness with other dancers (even during online classes). These techniques open up our inner reserves of physical and emotional intelligence.​

You don't need to be able to dance in order to practice . It’s a dance that lives in each of us thanks to nature’s gift in the form and shape of the human body that 'knows' how to co-vibrate with melody and rhythm. Once you give yourself a permission to move outside the censorship of consciousness, the dance comes to life. Habitual movement patterns, postures and gestures give way to spontaneous motion. The mind steps aside for a while, making room for the body to speak out. Through physical sensations, our mind gains access to the projection of the lived experience, to its wide emotional spectrum, from moments of bliss to childhood dramas that catch up with us in our adult life.  

Takeaway from the MBSR course:

Participants often say after the course that it is an eye-opening transformative experience. Feeling more alive, more connected with themselves and others is how they describe the changes. It also helps improve chronic and acute conditions related to stress - high blood pressure, migraines, heart problems, depressions, chronic pain etc. 

Here is a 7-minute video explaining the MBSR from Palouse Mindfulness:

Course structure and resources:

There will be 8 interactive sessions in Zoom, one per week. 

Each lasts between 2 and 2,5 hours, so it’s quite a commitment for everyone.

You will be learning through: 

  • meditations and exercises, including mindful moment (walking meditation, simple yoga sequences and guided dance meditation);

  • group discussions aimed at enhancing awareness in everyday life;

  • systematic instruction in formal MBSR meditation practices, with the opportunity to check in with teacher.  

You will get audio recordings of the meditations, course syllabus, plenty of other materials and the opportunity to have a one-on-one tutorial if you miss a class. 

Cost: €250 (+ VAT)  

Send me an email if you have difficulties paying the tuition fee.

I may be able to offer you a full or partial scholarship, depending on your need.

The next MBSR course will start on 21 September 2021 at 19.00 CET. 

Course dates: 21/9; 28/9; 5/10; 12/10; 19/10; 26/10; 2/11; 9/11.

A free orientation session will be held on 14 September at 19.00 CET.