Mindfulness programs that focus on holistic approach to health are increasingly widespread in the corporate world, with remarkable results. They have proven to help enhance individual well-being and boost productivity. Many of the world’s most renowned companies have already adopted mindfulness training in the workplace. Apple, Google, The Huffington Post, Oxford and Harvard Universities are just a few examples. They report such results as greater creativity and innovation, increased efficiency and collaboration as well as more fun and less stress experienced by their teams along the way. 

Coping with stress, becoming more sensitive to one another’s vulnerabilities, managing one's time and deadlines more efficiently. These are just some of the topics I cover in my mindfulness classes. Irrespective of the format, participants will take away a powerful tool. 


You can choose from the following menu:


90-minutes introductory workshop about mindfulness and stress management.

The workshops can be organised at lunchtime or after work.

These introductory workshops create more awareness about the causes and effects of stress, and how to use mindfulness to feel more calm and focused. It also allows people to judge whether mindfulness could be helpful for them. 



A standard 8-week course, with 2 options: 

  • 8 weekly sessions of 1,5 hours.

  • 4 modules of 3 hours each.

The full course allows people to master the necessary mindfulness skills in a step-by-step way.



Half-day or full-day workshops.

Interactive and practical workshops on specific topics such as:

  • Coping with work related stress 

  • Improving your focus and productivity.

  • Mindful communication.

All thematic workshops are tailored to the needs of your organisation.